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About Me

Who am I?

I am a student, aspiring to be a robot enthusiast some day. I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic as a Silver Medalist in my course, Diploma in Computer Engineering. I will be matriculating in National University of Singapore (NUS) BComp (CS) programme. To me, Robots are computers given limbs to express itself, and I am particularly intrigued in applying Deep Learning to robots. This blog will be populated with more insights regarding that soon.

Interested in wide variety of skills, such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Fabrication, Cloud Technology, Building Hardware and Software Solutions, I have mainly accquired skills in Digital Fabrication in my Polytechnic Years. I hope to learn more theoretical knowledge in University, applying them to projects, and benefitting the society.


"Without Teacher, Life would be without Class."

I attribute my growing interest in tech to the following individuals. Without them, I would still be a lost little lamb looking for a shimmer of hope in society. Thank you for bringing the best out of me.

Kelvin Khoo Kuok Yao (Mr)

Robotics Lead Engineer, NCS Group (2020)

Smart, energetic, and young. Powerful words in short sentences. Reignited my passion in robotics, gave me the freedom to express myself as my internship supervisor, advised me as a Singapore Polytechnic senior/alumni, and treated me dinner as friends/comrades after work.

Teo Shin Jen (Mr)

Deputy Course Chair, Singapore Polytechnic (2020)

A true mentor at heart. Me and my team’s North Star for many hackathons and competitions participated in Singapore Polytechnic. Teaches me not only technical skills, but also how to pitch solutions, evaluate real/fake opportunities, 3H dynamics in a team, and his legendary TCM formula.

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