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Kindle Paperwhite Accessory

Published Dec 14, 2020

Recently, I have decided to revisit my Kindle Paperwhite. This made me wonder, why didn’t I use it more frequently?

I removed it from my protective bag and immediately recalled why. The Kindle Paperwhite is very slippery, I was very afraid of dropping it in the MRT, pavement, or worst still when I’m falling asleep (lol). If only there were a way for me to hold it better, it may encourage me to use it more frequently!

Featuring…The Kindle Paperwhite holder!

I printed this item from Thingiverse on my TronXY P802EA, sliced the model using Cura and a standard setting for P802 based on Zonestar’s official setting, increased the infill to 100%, using CaiGe white filament. The print came out well, but was too big for my Kindle Paperwhite (weird…?). Hence I did some manual “padding” using some masking tape for the print to fit the Kindle better. If I were to reprint this, I would scale it down to 92-95%, just so that it fits better to my Kindle.

The feeling overall for this model is fantastic. In terms of functionality, it does the job well. The two knobs at the back allow for better grip for the item. I didn’t need to change the way I held my Kindle, and naturally let my middle finger slide in between the knobs. It works like a charm!

If you too have a Kindle Paperwhite but are troubled at how difficult it is to handle it, why not give this a try!

Credits to dusty_g from, I merely took this model and decided to review it here!

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