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3D-printer Case (P802 series)

Published Dec 14, 2020

3D printers are amazing tools! You can bring your inventions to life in a manner of minutes, well maybe hours, compared to months of waiting, and cheaper as well! The dark side? Maintaining it. Owning a 3D printer is not a walk in the park. Rewarding as it seems, when (not if) problems arise there is no apparent solution, only general guidelines to problem solving.

I usually face issues with prints not sticking, nozzles clogging, printing artifacts etc. But the messiest of all problems is definitely my wires. I had instances a stray wire catches on the print bed causing layer shifts, duct tape holding the x-axis cable, exposed electronics and its unsightly cable management. Order creates discipline, and this unsightly mess is making it difficult to focus on creating more.

My best efforts at cable management, but is still very bare…

Featuring this casing by di993r. Don’t get me wrong, this thing is pretty useful! All my cables are tucked away neatly, and all I see now are my beautifully cable managed printer. Absolutely love it! The simplistic design adds to my personal philosophy less is more, making this printer more personal.

I deducted 1 point for the absolutely terible placement for holes. Sure, it is designed for 2 mosfets and 1 melzi board, but there is no way I could route the wires into the box if I hadn’t planned it out carefully beforehand. I faced exceptionally hige difficulty in routing the wires into the box than to cable manage them in the box itself. I believe this is aslight design flaw, and am open to help improve the design if a cad file is provided. Another point was deducted as it was advertised as a P802 series electronics box, but it was too thick to fit in my printer (P802EA). This box hence had to sit at the side of my printer, unable to mount to the acrylic despite the author’s comments on how to do so in the comment section.

All in all though, it fixed my problems, and I am more than grateful to use it than to design my own. (I probably will do so after a few more prints!)

Credits to di993r, I merely took his design and decided to review it here.

Cables in a box

Looking from the outside, it is much neater, now I just need a 80mm fan

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